Ganawendan Wildlife & Sanctuary

Ganawendan Wildlife & Sanctuary works with local communities and schools to educate and encourage interest for Ontario wildlife and forestry management. Our goal is to help you, help wildlife.

There is much for all of us to learn about the relationships between ourselves and nature and how essential we are to each other. We create fun interactive programs which result in tremendous enthusiasm and promise to make our world a better place.

We currently host the following seminars:

  • Habitats: How to create the best habitats for butterflies, birds and bees. Transition your backyard to an oasis.(One hour)
  • Turtles: We discuss our 8 Ontario turtle species and how we can help them to not only survive but thrive (One hour)
  • Forests Therapy: Create powerful connections with self and nature. We offer guided tours of how to lose your stress and find your peace and relaxation. (One hour)

After seminars, customers will be able to walk the forest/riverbank and enjoy nature on their own.


1905 Thorah Concession #2
Beaverton, Ontario L0K 1A0



Ganawendan Wildlife & Sanctuary